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About me

I am an active "Global Real Estate Investor" with the focus of creating intergenerational wealth through passive income and real estate. I teach and advise High Net worth Investors and busy Professionals on how to generate wealth for generations to come.

As a Vancouver raised Entrepreneur, my involvement in financial services started at the age of 19 has set me on the path to seek for financial freedom.

For almost 20 years, I have founded, funded and invested in Canada, USA, UK, China, and South East Asia. I believe that job security is the thing of the past, that nobody cares more about your money than you.

My clients and partners rely on my no-bullshit approach to building, keeping and compounding wealth for Intergenerational Wealth.


Achieve Financial Freedom

Let FX work for you: high income skill

I was in Singapore with the man in FX. As a matter of fact, we talked about one of my core beliefs being a high income skill. You need a high income skill. As a matter of fact, I wanted to interview Jin, get his perspective on why FX is a high income skill.

Let FX work for you: opportunity in crisis

Jin, the FX coach, was talking about how crisis is an opportunity to make money. I asked Jin more questions to find out his real thoughts.

Let FX work for you: deal with volatility

Still in Singapore with Jin. We talked about volatility and the way it needs to be managed in order to profit from it.

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